Going to Bantayan Island: Updated Fare April 2015

This post aims to be a guide for those planning to go to Bantayan Island in Cebu and wants to know how much is the fare to get there, from the Mactan Airport to the island itself.

Going to Bantayan Island:

We were at the Mactan Airport around 2am. So for safety and comfort reasons, we just took the airport taxi to the north bus terminal, total fare was P200 since there was no traffic yet.

Yellow Ceres aircon bus to Hagnaya Port - P200 (our bus left the terminal around 3am, we arrived at Hagnaya Port a little past 6am)
Hagnaya Port terminal fee - P10 (once the bus reaches the port, a collector will go around inside the bus for the terminal fee)
Ferry to Bantayan Island - P170 (again, a collector will go around the bus for the ferry fare)
Total Fare going to the island - P380

The ferry left a little late, around 8am. We have no idea what the cause of delay was since we just waited inside the bus the whole time.

Once reaching the island, passengers can go back inside the bus. I think the drop off point would be either in Sta. Fe or Bantayan town proper. For us, we alighted at the port gates because our resort is at the other side of the island (Beach Placid in Alice Beach). We took a pedicab to the resort which cost us P15 per head.

Going back to Cebu City:

We took the resort's free shuttle service going to the port. Ferry fare and terminal fee is the same (P170 and P10) but the bus ride was cheaper (only P160). Unfortunately, the traffic in Cebu City was as if you were in EDSA. From the port to the bus terminal took us more than 5 hours, 2 hours of that just sitting in traffic.
Total fare going back to Cebu - P340

Total fare to and from Bantayan Island: P720


> If you have an early morning flight like we had, take the airport taxi.
> Take the aircon bus. You will pass by some rough roads and road constructions, and the ride is like getting an instant face powder. There was one point when we can't even see the vehicle in front of the bus because of the thick dust.
> If you're planning to buy dried seafood as pasalubong (danggit, pusit, etc.), buy them at the Bantayan Market. They say its cheaper to buy there than to buy them in Cebu City markets.
> Try their inihaw na longganisang cebu.
> If you are planning to tour the island itself, there are packages being offered at P1,200. The tour can last the whole day and the traveler can decide on the whole itinerary.

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For burger lovers, try BurgerBar

We found this burger heaven conveniently located in Greenbelt 2 called BurgerBar. Looloo.com actually listed the place as 2nd in the top 10 best burger joints in Manila for 2014.

BurgerBar is one of those have-it-your-way restaurants where you’re to decide how they will prepare your food. In their case, you can customize your burger bun, toppings and choice of beef. Their patty also comes in 1/4 and 1/3 lb.

I opted not to customize my burger anymore because I was super hungry when we arrived. Also, I found the choices overwhelming and I was ready to eat anything to end my hunger. Here’s what I ended up with:
1/4 lb Cheeseburger – This one’s good. Maybe I’ll try to be more adventurous next time.
Iced Tea and Onion Rings – Serving size is good for 2 to 3 persons. These onion rings are made of giant onions, seriously.

Kung ang tanong ay "Masarap ba?". Eto ang sagot ko -empty plate-. Hehe.
#simutsarap #happytummy

Overall, my experience with BurgerBar was satisfactory, I won’t mind eating there again. And of course, more than the food, it’s the time you spend with close friends that makes the eating experience amazing.

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When in Megamall, try Ippudo

Ippudo is a ramen house located on the 3rd floor of SM Mega Fashion Hall. The long lines are quite discouraging but good thing we did not leave because the food was so worth it.
Here’s a look at what I ordered:

Akamaru Shinaji

IPPUDO’s original tonkotsu broth enhanced with special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil. Served with thin noodles, pork belly, kikurage and spring onions. A refined, modern-style ramen. – www.ippudoph.com

Black Sesame Ice Cream

Fragrant black sesame ice cream with red bean paste and crunchy wafer. – www.ippudoph.com
I’m no expert on ramen, I rarely finish the whole bowl. With the Akamaru Shinaji, simut sarap!! I won't mind lining up again to get a taste of this delicious ramen.

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